Apps and Website

​  Websites to Teach and Review Theory Concepts



Note Naming Apps

NoteWorks           good for beginners   

Name That Note  3 levels    

ScaleNet               identify notes in scales   

Music Tutor         idenfy notes by name or on keyboard

Ear Training Apps

Interval Ear Trainer        guess the next note on keyboard

Piano Ear Trainer            recognize pitch & keys on keyboard

Right Note                      learn quality & interval numbers

Functional  Ear Trainer   learn to play music by ear

​Ear Trainer Lite              compares intervals, chords, scales 

Sight Reading Apps

PA Player                        Primer - level 3-B  

Sight-Reading for Piano 1  intermediate (play RH, LH, and HT) 

Sight-Reading for Piano 2  more advanced pieces

PlayAlong                         interactive songs for different instruments

Tonara                               Free Zone of original pieces

​NoteStar                           previews pieces available for purchase

SuperScore                        library of original music; more for purchase

THEORY to Teach & Reinforce Music Concepts

Theory Lessons

Music Theory Pro

Mini Music Theory

Decks (terms, symbols)


Music Theory Tutorials

Websites for Sheet Music Downloads

Free Music Apps(many  others available)

Classics for Kids   All about composers, fun games, composing & more ​plus  additional music links (elementary) tutorials for fundamentals + ear training & rhythmic dictation basic music theory all levels and ages  ​same as iPad app "Theory Lessons"  ​fundamentals, harmonicdictation,  & more​​

Websites for Games, Theory, History & Listening

Music Theory  Videos explaining the basics of music theory fundamentals; videos are listed by concept