San Francisco Kids  Listening examples plus ​ games explaining story behind the music; learn the basics for composing

Philharmonic Kids   Games to teach about composers & instruments (elementary students)

Classics for Kids   All about composers, fun games, composing & more ​plus  additional music links (elementary students)

Music Websites for Games, Theory, History & Listening

​      The Music Staff                                        

Music Tech Teacher   All about music theory, composers, terms

plus  games and word searches;

free worksheets (all ages)

Music Theory Videos   Learn

by watching great videos which explain all the basics of music theory fundamentals; videos are

listed by concept

Music Theory   Teaches the basics through "lessons", then gives "exercises" to test the knowledge

Mini Music Theory School  Tutorials & exercises using  intervals, major & minor key signatures, triads & inversions

ScaleNet  Identifying notes using a timer in all major and minor keys in treble, bass & alto clefs

Quinterval  References Circle of Fifths with key signatures for all major & minor keys; includes notation for major scales

Decks  Basic theory presented as music flash cards for music symbols plus bass & treble clef notes; good as a dictionary

Virtual Sheet Music  Download classical digital sheet music, print it, & listen to audio files

iWriteMusic  iPad app for writing music & composing with easy note entry

​Free Music Theory Apps "Beyond the Basics"

G Major Music Theory   Explains  fundamentals of music; this is a  very extensive website.  For intermediate

and  advanced students

Kids for Music   Composers & music history includingfun games & listening (elementary students)


Music Kids   Naming notes, ear training, memory games for elementary students (Peggy's Music Lessons) 

Dust Buster  Set game mode to "staff", then read & play notes on acoustic piano or keyboard

Young Music Genius  Teaches about instruments & composers with quizes & memory games

Music Tutor  Identify notes on the grand staff by playing the corresponding key on the iPad's keyboard

PlayPad  Start composing...makes the staff a musical instrument by playing the pitches of lines & spaces.  

RelativePitchLite  ​Recognition of intervals through sight & sound; includes custom mode for levels

Ear Trainer Lite Aural exercises for major & minor chords, both ascending and descending

Teoria   Tutorials for the fundamentals plus ear training and rhythmic dictation

Play Games & Learn Music Theory using these apps and websites.  Check this page often for updates!

Free Music Theory Apps for Beginners